Valentines Day:
Free Sunday School Lesson
and Valentine Card Craft

valentine card craft and activities

Looking for a Valentines Day Sunday School lesson? Find a free Sunday School lesson for Valentine's Day focusing on God's Love for Us! Make a Valentine Card Craft to take home!

In 2018, Valentine's Day (February 14th) falls on a Wednesday.

Imagine this...

You have a room full of Little Guys coming to Sunday School just a few days before Valentine's Day and you need a lesson to teach them! What do you do?

You might want to do a Valentine Card Craft with them following a fun Sunday School Lesson on God's Love for Us!

What a great idea!

VALENTINE'S DAY Lesson and Valentine Card Craft

Valentine Card Craft
Valentine Card Craft


Synopsis of the Lesson...

This Valentine's Day lesson is designed for children (4-8 years of age) and, along with the suggested crafts and game/activity, should keep a room full of children occupied for up to an hour.


  • God Loves Me!


  • 1 John 4:19 We love because he first loved us.

Major Points:

  • God loves you!
  • God is love!
  • We don't earn God's love, He gives it to us!
  • Because God loves us, we can love Him back!

Crafts and Activities:

  • Three Valentine Card Crafts are included, which involve making Valentine Cards out of construction paper. These are great fun, and besides... everyone enjoys receiving a Valentine Card!
  • A couple of Game/Activity ideas are included that will help the children work off a little of that extra holiday energy AND learn their Bible Memory Verse!
  • HOWEVER... I did NOT include a SNACK idea (HA!)... I figured that on Valentine's Day you wouldn't have any trouble figuring out a great snack or two!! (I'm partial to those little chocolate heart things, myself...Oh, Joy!)

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On a Personal Note...

God bless you as you lead the children to learn about one of the MOST important things we can ever teach them: God LOVES You!

Oh... And Happy Valentines Day!


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