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Need a lesson? Need it now? Sunday School Center offers free Bible lessons, skits, crafts, and games for Preschool to Youth. Find good ideas, helpful advice, and much needed encouragement in Christ!

Whether you're a teacher, youth leader, or church administrator, these materials are for YOU!

Welcome!  Happy Thanksgiving!

While you are here, I hope that you will find what you need for your ministry, whether that's a lesson, a skit, or a new idea.  Please take a look at some of these featured resources.

Featured Resources...

Thank Bank
  • Thanksgiving!
    Find Sunday School lessons for Thanksgiving that will help children and youth learn about thankfulness. Make a Thank Bank with children or your Youth Group! Use these lessons at home at Thanksgiving with your own children!
  • CHRISTMAS Sunday School Lessons!
    Find 6 tried and true lessons to help tell the Christmas Story to young children. Learn about the Visit from the Angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph's Trip to Bethlehem, the Shepherds and the Angels, the Wise Men and the Star, and The Flight to Egypt (one of my favorite lessons!) All of these include activities; like games, skits, and coloring pages! Start just after Thanksgiving and go right through New Year's Day.
  • Christmas Skits!
    Find fun Christmas Skits for Children and Youth. There are Christmas skits and Narrated Nativities to do in your classroom. Learn about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
  • NEW Christmas Song for 2015!    
    This original song contains "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" within it. "NEW STAR!"  blends two melodies that are lovely together! (Combine choirs of younger and older children!) Enjoy!
  • Christmas Ideas!
    Read our featured article "Teaching the True Meaning of Christmas" Find Ideas for your class for Christmas. 
  • MORE Ideas!
    Find Recommended Resources and Teacher Training ideas.
  • Just Us Little Guys!
    Preschool Bible Lessons designed for 4-7 year old children, including Lessons for Christmas. Start right after Thanksgiving and have enough lessons to take you in to the New Year! A full year's worth of lessons FREE to use in your ministry. Sound, Bible-based lessons that build on each other and are in topical series.
  • Sunday School Lessons for Teens!
    Youth Bible Lessons for teens (12-18 years). Great for Youth Group or Middle School and High School classes! A school year's worth of lessons focusing on who God is and how we can relate to Him

All of the resources on this website (except for those on sale in The Store) are offered to you for FREE to use in your ministry!  

There is no charge or fee to use any of them!  God bless you!

Here is the official Use Policy, if you would like to read the "Fine Print"!

A BOOK by Sharon for Kids!

The Miracle at Tadley Ridge

Mystery and adventure for kids 8-12! 
Follow CB and Scrub on their adventures. 
Ride a mud-slide, catch some bad guys, and get blown up... well, almost...
God is BIG! 

Written by Sharon Kay Chatwell
Cover Art by Laurie Davis

E-book at Kindle and Nook   $3.50

Paperback at  $7.99

God is faithful, He provides, and He answers prayer...What more could you learn in one summer?

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FREE Shipping...

At THE STORE Shipping is Always FREE (in the continental USA.)

The Store features materials written by Sharon Kay Chatwell.

  • The Miracle at Tadley Ridge
    Follow 11 year old CB and her older cousin, Scrub, on their summer adventures at Tadley Ridge. Will they solve the mystery, catch the bad guys, and save the town? Possibly... but not until they survive a few scrapes, cause their fair share of trouble, and have a whole lot of fun.  God is BIG!
  • The Bible Tells Me So
    A baby book for Parents of Newborns. This year long devotional calendar starts on the baby's birthday and has encouraging Bible verses for each day. The Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Sharon, and I am an old Sunday School teacher, just like you. (No, I'm not calling you "old"!)

Over time I served in various administrative positions at church, started new programs, ran Vacation Bible School, wrote Christmas skits, produced Easter pageants and... well, you know... everything!

As a teacher, I always preferred writing my own lessons. (And after 20 years of teaching I ended up having a whole lot of them!)

After a while I thought, "Hey! Why not SHARE all this information?"

That sounded like a GREAT idea! And so Sunday School Center was born!

My hope for each of you...

My hope is that each time you visit SSC you will do FOUR things… I call them the BIG FOUR!

  • FIND what you need.
    If it's not here, I'll try and direct you to where you can find it!

  • DISCOVER stuff you didn't know was "out there".
    Because maybe it hasn't been until now!

  • GET encouragement in Christ.
    What you are doing is VERY important! Your classroom, or ministry, is a mission field!

  • COME BACK one day when you need something else!
    When you need something else for your ministry, I hope you'll come back!

Not finding what you need today?

Sunday School Center is always under construction. Be sure to come back again and check to see what is new!

I promise you will always find a wide variety of free Sunday School lessons for children and teens right here.

ALSO, please visit our Recommended Resources page to find other great Christian websites providing lessons, skits, ideas, activities and games!

While you are at Sunday School Center...

Be sure to visit our Missions Page! Read about some of the ministries from around the world which we help support.

Believe it or not... just by visiting this website you are helping these Workers in the Field!! Be encouraged by their stories... and join us in holding them up in prayer!

What God is doing...

We are thankful to God that He has been using SSC in wonderful new ways!! Since we started, we have had site visits from people in over 175 different countries! God is BIG!

This is especially exciting because Christian materials aren't readily accessible in some of these places... except via the Internet!

See our MAP!

Welcome to ALL of our visitors from all over the world! And a very special welcome to our newest visitors from the region of Catalonia and the Republic of Palau.

Thank you for praying for our Christian brothers and sisters in ministries around the world!

Speaking of prayer...

I promise to pray for you, and ask that you pray for me too.

May God continue to bless you in your endeavors!

With love in Christ,

Sharon Kay Chatwell, MD


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Here in The Store you will find books and other writings by Sharon Kay Chatwell, the same author as the Sunday School Center materials.
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