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Free Children's Bible Lessons for kids in 2nd-5th grades (7-11 years old.) Great for Sunday School and Children's Church! Downloadable and printable.

Free Childrens Bible Lessons! Children's Sunday School lessons for kids in elementary school. Teachers and kids will love these Bible-based lessons with fun activities!

Children's Bible Lessons written for children (ages 7-11 years) and designed for students to learn more about God and His Word, the Bible! Free printable Sunday School lessons for kids in 2nd-5th grades that will help them learn about God's love for us, through Jesus Christ, our Lord!

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Learning About Jesus

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CHRISTMAS - Series #3

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching....
2 Timothy 3:16 (NASB)

"I found your website right before Christmas and wanted to say that I LOVE your curriculum. We used the Learning About Jesus-Christmas-Series 3 and found it easy to use and very child friendly. We are starting Learning About the Bible this week and love the idea of the Bible replica. I think it will be a great hands-on visual that will help the children see how the Bible is set-up. Thank you and I will be looking for more ideas on the website!

​  - Michele V. (North Carolina)

"Thank you so much for providing these lessons. I just went through the Bible Literacy 12-week course with my 8-year-old grandson. He loved it. He has also memorized all the books of the Bible!"

 - Linda B. (Oregon)

Children's Sunday School Lessons...

All About the Bible is a planned 4-year set of Children's Sunday School Lessons for children in 2nd-5th grades (7-11 years old.) We are starting things off with our Bible Literacy lessons, "Learning About the Bible." Next up will be Christmas and Easter lessons! 

SERIES 1: Learning About the Bible, consists of 12 individual lessons in Bible Literacy, which will help children understand that God loves us and that the Bible is God's Word. Since we can trust God, it follows that we can trust His Word.

Whether your students are just taking the cellophane off their new gift-Bibles, or have Bibles with well-worn covers, this set of lessons is for you!

Easy enough for brand-new Bible Students; challenging enough for scholars, who know their way around a Concordance.

The ideas and activities included with each lesson are varied enough so that you can pick and choose just the right ones for your particular classroom!

BIG IDEAS for Your Classroom:

TIME LINE - Create a Bible Time Line in your classroom easily with string or yarn and some fasteners. Time can be an abstract idea, especially to young children. This Time Line, fashioned after a Number Line, can make it all seem a bit more concrete. It will also allow you the opportunity to help children understand when things happened in the Bible, in relation to where we are now in time. A fun activity that builds on itself each week.

BIBLE REPLICAS - Easy to make, with the children's help, these Bible Replicas created in class will help the children get a better understanding of God's Word. They will learn that the Bible is made of two different sections (the Old and New Testament) and how many different books and writers there were. As they add their favorite verses each week, and learn where their favorite Bible Stories are found, they will begin to understand that they can find information and read the Bible for themselves; something that we ALL need to understand!

SERIES 3 : Christmas Lessons includes lessons with great activities, games and skits to help elementary age students learn some of the deeper doctrinal lessons about the Birth of Jesus and have FUN doing it! Childrens Bible lessons and fun activities to Help Mary and Joseph get to Bethlehem, learn about the Visits of an Angel and hear how Jesus is both the Son of God and Son of Man!

(Jesus said) "...the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life."
John 6:63b (NASB)

Other Ministries with Childrens Bible lessons...

Ministry to

Here you will find wonderful Childrens Bible lessons for kids that are Bible-based and Christ-honoring. Their lessons are free for you to download and use in your ministry.

I highly recommend these Sunday School lessons for your elementary age classes.

In addition to their free lessons, Ministry-to-Children offers many other free materials; including activity coloring pages

Although their title says "sermons" this site actually has excellent childrens Bible lessons for elementary aged students. The site is searchable for lessons based on their Scripture References and their content. You will find lots of childrens Bible lessons from both the New and the Old Testaments.

All of their resources are free to download! And they have a large array of activities, including coloring pages and word games for their lessons.

I recommend these resources for anyone wanting to find great Bible-based lessons for their elementary classrooms!

Lessons For Other Ages...

If you are looking for free Sunday School lessons for other age groups, (preschool or teenagers), you can find my free lessons for them right here!

Preschool Bible Lessons (ages 4-7)

Youth Bible Lessons (ages 12-18)

On a Personal Note...

Thank you for visiting my Childrens Bible Lessons page!

Children, who are ages 7-11, are just beginning to read for information. It is an exciting time in their lives! And as they grow in their abilities to read and gain information from the written word, I want to make sure that they feel comfortable opening their Bibles and reading them also.

Whether children read the Bible online or in book form, being familiar with the Scriptures, reading them for themselves, and allowing the Holy Spirit to remind them of all that Jesus has said is critical in their growth as Believers.

These lessons are designed to help promote this type of growth. I pray that they will honor God and that He will use them to His glory.

Thank you for being such a vital part of children's ministry! May God bless you and lead you as you continue to be a blessing to the children around you.

In Christ,


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