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Learn more about the ministry of Sunday School Center. Hear about our mission and how to be involved in our ministry. Find out what God is doing through the visitors to our website, and how we can help support them, right where they are!

Praise God! Sharing free resources, such as lessons, skits, and teacher training materials, with our website visitors around the world has had an amazing effect! Many of them have taken the materials and started new Sunday Schools, Children's Ministries and other new Outreach Programs.

Our visitors are people like the gentleman pictured here from Zambia, who read through some materials that we sent him and then decided that he wanted to do more in his ministry. He went with 100 students and 23 teachers on a 3-day evangelistic outreach in a very remote area in his country. In his words, the outreach was "very successful."

God is BIG! And it is always amazing to us what He is doing through the lessons and other materials on this website. But should we really be amazed at all that God will do with what we offer to Him in faith?

10 Years of Ministry...

Sunday School Center ministry worldwide.

In 2019, Sunday School Center is celebrating its 10th year of ministry! We are thankful to God for all that He has done. He has led us and blessed us!

Our website has become larger than we ever hoped possible, visited by over 1 million unique visitors a year from a total of 180 countries.

Over these years, we have communicated by email with thousands of our visitors who have written in thanking us for the free resources or asking questions about them.

We have given advice and encouragement to those who were serving in their own ministries all over the world.

It is wonderful that folks in exotic locations, where Christian materials are not readily available, can download and print off these lessons and other resources to help them in their own ministries.

Meeting the Needs...

Occasionally, we have had visitors write in who had specific needs for their ministry. We have tried to meet these needs, when it was possible to do so.

Most often we have had requests for printed materials. This has happened most often in areas of the world where printers are scarce, and the effort of downloading and printing off the materials is daunting.

We have mailed Bibles, printed lessons, teacher training materials and other Christian education resources to visitors all over the world.

While evaluating areas of future growth for Sunday School Center, it became obvious that this is one of those important areas to consider.

We hope to continue meeting the needs of our website visitors by providing free Christian education materials on the website and printed materials as we are able to do so.

Ministry Partners...

For the past 2 years we have been working with Mrs. Evah G. from Kenya, who is now our Sunday School Center Representative in Africa. Evah is our beloved Christian sister, who helps us find, purchase and distribute printed materials such as Bibles and Christian Education resources in Africa. This year Evah also traveled to nearby Uganda and helped lead a Teacher Training Seminar for Sunday School leaders there. At that time she also brought printed copies of Sunday School Center materials and additional resources for each of those teachers. Other such visits are being planned for the future.

Your support of Sunday School Center helps provide for these efforts!

Ministry Stories...

 Scripture Union Uganda Busia Ministry Coordinator 

Since 2015, Sunday School Center online resources have helped us develop a better children’s ministry that supports Sunday Schools. We have been able to print lessons from SSC website and give them away as a benefit of our ministries to countless thousands of children, youth and families in Uganda and its Neighbors. Sunday School Center is an inspiring charity that has supported us and helped us teach the value of working with children through the reading its materials and being able to print and share them with churches in Uganda. 

James Ojambo

Ministry through Skits...

Sunday School Center skits, especially our Christmas Skits and Easter Skits have been performed hundreds or even thousands of times around the world. We hear from lots of folks annually whose churches are using one or more of our skits that year. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the retelling of the Christmas Story or the Easter Story is a sure way to reach friends and family members who have never heard about Jesus.

Learn About Our Mission...

Read our Mission Statement on our Mission page. Learn how you can help support the ministry of Sunday School Center and help us move forward in our mission.

Donate Today...

Donate today to help encourage the ministry of Sunday School Center. Visit our Donation Page to make your tax-deductible donation. Thank you!

On a Personal Note...

Having first started this website in 2009 by sharing a few of my lessons with others, I now find myself listed as the Founder and President on Sunday School Center's organizational documents in the Corporate Notebook.

I'm not sure how all this happened, but I'm pretty sure it's God's fault.

If you had asked me in 2009 who I hoped the website would reach, I would have said something poetic like, "Oh, you know, folks in faraway places... like Iowa." 

I remember crying when I found out people in East Asia could access it.

God is amazing. Regularly I find out that He is surprising me again. The ministry of Sunday School Center is to help individuals and people in little churches and big churches with their needs for their particular ministry. 

Whether that means supplying a church skit, or a few lessons, or a new Teacher Training program, or a complete new curriculum for elementary school, I hope that we can continue to do it.

And with God's help and blessing, we will.

With love in Christ,


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