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Looking for Preschool Bible Lessons? Find FREE Preschool Sunday School Lessons on the Life of Jesus, Christmas, Easter and more! Home of Just Us Little Guys!

Easy to do Preschool Bible Crafts and fun Preschool Bible Activities are included in each of these free preschool Sunday School lessons.

What would you teach a room full of Little Guys, given the chance? What is it they need to know? What are they capable of learning and understanding?

Young children are amazing in their ability to absorb vast spiritual concepts without blinking an eye. Perhaps this is why our Savior instructed us that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to “such as these”.

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Some of these preschool Bible lessons are available in French and Urdu, and our NEW Kiswahili translations are ready!

Or the individual lessons...

GOD LOVES ME - Series #1

CHRISTMAS - Series #2

Ces mêmes leçons de Noël en français.

LIFE OF JESUS - Series #3

EASTER - Series #4


GENESIS - Creation to the Patriarchs - Series #6

EXODUS - Moses to the Promised Land - Series #7

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REVIEWS - Just Us Little Guys

“I loved the first eight lessons. What I probably liked most were the several activity suggestions at the end. I could always find one or two that worked great with my class.”

– Sandy W. (South Carolina)

"I just found your site while searching for some materials for children's church.  I love all of it!! 

I have found so many sites, but this one just feels different in a good way. I love the way your lessons are laid out and easy to follow. I love LISTEN, PRAY, READ.

Thank you so much for providing such awesome material!!"

- Melinda H. (Louisiana)

Your lessons for Little Guys are perfect for my Sunday School class!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing such fantastic material for free. We are a small, rural church and this material is a lifesaver for me.

Again, thank you for helping teach these Little Guys and spreading the word of God!!

- Sheryl M. (Oklahoma)

“Today is the first time I've seen your site and I just want to take a moment and thank you.  I needed a lesson for Sunday School tomorrow and I found one which was just right for me.  It had everything I needed right there in one place.  You've done a wonderful job with this site and I'm sure I'll be back again.  Thank you so much!”

 - Ronnie K.  (Mississippi)

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful lessons you post for all to use.  I have used your lessons often with our preschool Sunday school program.  The lessons are Bible based, thoughtfully created, easy to follow, and not time-consuming to prepare. …Thanks for your great ideas.

 - Diane D. (Illinois)

"Ms. Sharon, you rock! We have been using your Little Guys "God Loves Me" series for several weeks now. The lessons are simple to understand, fun to teach, and the kids love them! Blessings to you!"

– Carrie M. (North Carolina)

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A YEAR of Preschool Sunday School Lessons...

Just Us Little Guys is a year's worth of free Preschool Bible Lessons, which is divided into 7 series.

SERIES 1: God Loves Me, consists of 8 lessons which explore wonderful truths about God's Love for Us!

If you are starting up a program with small children, the God Loves Me series is the PERFECT place to start! If I had to start a program with preschool children this coming Sunday, these eight lessons are the ones I would start with!

SERIES 2: Christmas, contains 6 fun and engaging preschool bible lessons about the true meaning of Christmas!

These lessons are tried and true! (I have taught them many times.) They are fun and easy to do and have lots of craft and game ideas. Also included are narrated Christmas skits for preschoolers to do every week, if you like. Need something more quiet? There are also activity pages with each lesson.

There are also just enough lessons... If you start the Christmas series on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, you should be doing the "Flight to Egypt" about a week after Christmas!

SERIES 3: The Life of Jesus, includes 12 free Preschool Bible Lessons on the life and times of Jesus. You'll have the opportunity to teach children all about things Jesus Did and Said.

These Sunday School lessons for preschoolers and young children contain some of my best lessons and Jesus Chooses His Disciples includes my FAVORITE of all Preschool Bible Crafts: The Fishers of Men Fishing Pole! (This is a really GREAT craft! You've got to try it!)

If you have a time period of about 12 weeks (say between Christmas and Easter) the Life of Jesus Series is really fun to do. Children 4-7 years of age (Pre-Readers) will love the fun activities and crafts that go with the weekly Bible stories!

SERIES 4: Easter, features 8 preschool Bible lessons that will help you teach young children the Easter Story.

The lesson "Friday was Sad, but Sunday was Glad!" gives an overview of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. The Easter Sunday lesson teaches about the discovery of The Empty Tomb!

The series continues with Easter Sunday School lessons about the appearances of Jesus to His Disciples, including "Doubting" Thomas, as well as the Bible stories of The Reconciliation of Peter, the Great Commission, and The Ascension of Jesus.

These eight preschool Bible lessons feature Easter crafts, games, and activities: including a short Easter skit about "The Story of The Empty Tomb!" and an "Empty Tomb Craft."

SERIES 5: The New Church, has 6 preschool Bible lessons that focus on the Church, beginning with the events at Pentecost and going through the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.

In the first lesson, the children will learn how Jesus sent the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, and how other people then believed at the preaching of the Disciples and were added to the Church.

In the lesson called "The Church Grows" the children will learn how New Believers were added to the church and then went and told others about Jesus. There is a strong Salvation Message with this lesson and you are encouraged to invite your pastor to visit your classroom to talk to the children about Salvation.

In "Little Churches All Around" there is a Missions Emphasis that helps children understand how, as the numbers of Christians grew, they began to meet in various locations, and how when they moved to a new place they told others about Jesus and the church continued to grow.

Light of the World/ Salt of the Earth is really two Preschool Bible Lessons in one and will probably take 2 class meetings to enjoy fully. This simple teaching by Jesus illustrates what the church is and what it is supposed to do in the world. (By the way... Singing "This Little Light of Mine" with Little Guys is lots of fun!)

The Body of Christ lesson helps children understand that people who believe in Jesus make up the "Body of Christ" and that we are to help one another and work together as parts of the Body. The children will learn that we are all different but that we each are important in what God has given the Church to do.

The Bride of Christ helps children understand that God has a plan for the Church. With this marriage themed lesson, the children will learn that "Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb."

These six preschool Bible lessons will help children understand that as Believers in Christ they are part of the church, which has structure, unity, purpose, and an eternal destination that is secure in Christ.

SERIES 6: Genesis, features 13 preschool Bible lessons that will help bring the Bible Stories in Genesis to life!

Beginning with The Creation, the lessons reveal the Biblical truths contained in Genesis. Following a TIMELINE (which you can easily create in your own classroom), the children will be better able to visualize how the stories in Genesis relate to one another historically.

You will all enjoy the activities, which are as fun and varied as the stories they describe! Live through a rainstorm with Noah and the Ark; have soup with Cain and Abel; and be sure to be there when the kids try and recreate Joseph's Coat of Many Colors! (You'll need extra crayons!)

SERIES 7: Exodus, contains 7 action-packed Preschool Bible Lessons relating to Moses and God's People on their way to the Promised Land.

Starting with Moses' birth and how he was hidden in the Bulrushes, these lessons tell about his encounter with God at The Burning Bush, and how he spoke to Pharaoh during The Ten Plagues.

The Passover lesson helps introduce the Gospel Message, as young children will quickly grasp the similarities between the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb and the Death of Jesus on the Cross.

These preschool Bible lessons tell of the Faithfulness of God as He delivers His people from slavery in Egypt; parting the Red Sea, giving them The Ten Commandments, and finally leading them into The Promised Land.

Use a classroom TIMELINE to help teach the sequence of events in Exodus, and to show how these Bible stories relate to the ones in Series #6 - Genesis... This completes 20 lessons in the Old Testament!

Learn more about Just Us Little Guys...

REVIEWS - Just Us Little Guys

“Thank you so much for providing these lessons.  We are a very small church in a small community and your lessons make it easy to prepare a children’s church lesson, giving parents a chance to devote their attention to the sermon, and introducing the children to the Bible and what it contains, in a lesson perfect for their attention spans.

 - Tracy H.  (Oregon)

“I have been a Sunday School teacher for some time and each Sunday I struggle trying to make the lesson exciting and "new" for my students. I look for lessons that are relatively easy for my youngsters, who range from 3 to 9 years in age. I want all of the students to take something from God with them, to carry them through the week.

I am overwhelmed at your website. It is exactly what I have been searching for. There is something for each one of my kiddos, and I can adjust the lesson to be a bit more detailed or keep it as simple as I want for the younger children.

Thank you, thank you, thank you....I am so excited to be able to teach my students with such wonderful new ideas and they in turn will be able to grasp the Word of God easily with your suggestions.

Finally I feel much more prepared when I walk in the classroom. God bless you!"

- Georgeanna F. (Pennsylvania)

"I am new to my job as Christian Ed. Director. Although I spent 35 years teaching 1st and 2nd graders in public school, this new job is totally different for me.

Your site has been a lifesaver for me. Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons that have fit right in with my small group of children. I look forward to more. Thank you again."

- Pat R. (Michigan)

"I love your teaching/ministry focus. I was impressed with the lesson plans, alternate options, the teachers' notes, and scripture references. You even include crafts and activities coordinated with the lessons. I also like that you often include a reference to the previous lesson.

I coordinate the preschool Worship Hour during the Sunday Morning service at our small church and spend hours every week trying to ensure I am provided scripture-based age-appropriate lessons. 

The lessons on your site are the most comprehensive scripture-based, age-appropriate materials I have reviewed…  Thank you!”

- D. Cannon (Georgia)


These "preschool Bible lessons" were originally developed to use with Preschool to First Grade aged children. Essentially, any Pre-Reader, who has made it out of the Toddler Room, will enjoy these lessons.

They are designed as a series of lessons. But any one of them may be taught independently, as each addresses an important biblical truth which stands on its own.

Each of these lessons includes enough preschool Bible crafts and activities to keep a room full of Little Guys busy for 30-60 minutes or more!

(Of course, I think you should always have an extra stack of construction paper ready, just in case... With Little Guys sometimes you really do have to be able to pull a rabbit out of your hat!)

Check back at Sunday School Center as we continue to add to this year-long set of Preschool Bible Lessons!

See the titles of the various series below.

SERIES' TITLES of Preschool Bible Lessons:

  1. Series 1 - God Loves Me
    (8 Lessons on Foundational Truths about God's Love)
  2. Series 2 - Christmas
    (6 Lessons on Events Surrounding the Birth of Jesus)
  3. Series 3 - Life of Jesus
    (12 lessons on Things Jesus Did and Said)
  4. Series 4 - Easter
    (8 Lessons on the Events Surrounding Easter)
  5. Series 5 - The New Church 
    (6 Lessons on the Beginnings of the Church)
  6. Series 6 - Genesis
    (13 Lessons on Events from Creation to the Patriarchs)
  7. Series 7 - Exodus
    (7 Lessons on Moses and the Promised Land)

On a Personal Note...

I hope that you will enjoy using the preschool Bible lessons in Just Us Little Guys. They are simply my favorite lessons!

Teaching young children is one of the most fun things you'll ever do as a Sunday School teacher! Enjoy every minute of it!

May God continue to bless you and your Little Guys!

With love in Christ,

If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page

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