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Find Bible Games for Children for Sunday School or home. Reviews of Bible Games also available. 

Nothing is more fun than Sunday School games! Whether you are playing one to help learn a Memory Verse or the Books of the Bible, creative, fun games are a great way for children to learn!

Here you will find fun Sunday School Games for your classroom and to use at home with your own children or grandchildren.

Reviews of Bible Games

From time to time, I am asked to review games for Sunday School that are created by other folks. recently asked that I review several of their games and post my reviews on the Sunday School Center website. I was happy to oblige. has these games for sale, but they also allow you to download the FREE versions of all of their games from their website. And they have LOTS of Sunday School games.

Full Disclosure:
Other than having the games shipped to me, I receive no compensation for these reviews and I receive no commission for sales that might arise from these links or game reviews.

Bible Games - Review

General Comments on ALL of these Bible Games:
All of the cards and games that I have reviewed for Bible Games Central have been sturdy and well made. They are made of excellent materials and are housed in colorful looking, durable containers

Their cards and game parts are colorful and fun to use. They are easy to handle and easily wiped clean as needed. You get the idea that these materials will last a long time whether at home or at Sunday School.

In addition, I found their written support materials to be Biblically accurate and Christ-honoring. They are well written and have excellent explanations for things like The Parables of JesusThe Books of the Bible, and The Gospel.

I believe that any church or home would be well served with these resources for children’s education and play.

I hope the reviews will help you to decide if you need these Bible Games for church or home use. I'm glad I have them at my house. Have fun!

Parable Parade Card Game - Review

Parable Parade Card Game - Review

Parable Parade Card Game by Bible Games Central

Collect the Cards. Complete the Story. Capture the Point.

Ages: 6+

Playing Time: 15 minutes

Players: 2-6

Objective: Capture 2 sets of 4 parable cards first to win the game. (Change to 3 sets if fewer people playing.)

  • 100 Game Cards – including 48 parable cards (12 sets of 4)
  • 12 Parable Summary Cards and Instruction Sheet

How to Play - Shuffle all of the Game Cards together and place them face down in the center of the table. Youngest player goes first. Each player chooses cards one at a time from the pile. When a Parable Card or Kingdom Card is drawn, the player places those cards face up on the table in front of him. Player decides when to stop drawing cards. Player's turn ends if an Oopsie card is drawn or Kingdom Cards are played. Play passes to the left.

Parable Cards – There are 4 cards in each set of Parable Cards. Each card has a different picture on it that helps tell the story of the parable. The cards are tagged with different colored tags and the names of the parables. They are also numbered, so they are more easily kept in order.

Kingdom Cards – Kingdom Cards have 3 different colored backgrounds (blue, pink and green). When a player has one of each color he may "take” an opponent’s Parable Card, as long as it is not part of a completed set of 4. (Those are safe!) Player may take as many Parable Cards from other players as he has sets of Kingdom Cards. Used Kingdom Cards are then placed face up in the Common Discard Pile and the player's turn ends. 

Oopsie Cards – When an Oopsie Card is drawn, player must discard 3 Kingdom Cards (of any color) into the Common Discard Pile. If player doesn't have 3 Kingdom Cards, then he must discard enough Parable Cards to make up the difference.  If player doesn't have 3 Kingdom or Parable Cards, then the player must discard all of his cards.

Sets of Parable Cards – When a player collects a set (all 4 cards) of one Parable, then the player puts them all together on the table in front of him and they are SAFE!  No one can take them and they can't be lost to an Oopsie Card. Yay!

Sharon's Thoughts on this Bible Game:

The 12 parables are well-chosen. The cards have great pictures on them that are easy to understand, and they are numbered so that it’s easy to keep them in order - especially if the parable is new to you!

Summaries and explanations of the parables are excellent, and are found on the Parable Summary Cards. There are 12 of these, one for each parable. These explanations are both scripturally and spiritually accurate, and I can recommend them without reservation.

This is the kind of game every parent wishes their kids would play.  However, you may not be able to pry them off the basketball court or from in front of the TV to play it, unless one or more adult is also playing. You will also need someone playing who is old enough to read the summary and explanation of the parable.

Sharon's Recommendation:

  • Home use with parent or older sibling who reads well.
  • Sunday School Classes - ages 7-14.

Great for a child playing at home with parent or older sibling. Sunday School Classes will love these, especially when studying the Parables of Jesus or just brushing up on their understanding of the parables. Recommend using a Bible to read the original story, as needed.

Adapting Game for Younger Children:

If you play this game with 2-4 people, or with younger children, I recommend using fewer sets of parables (perhaps 4-6, instead of all 12).  It makes it easier to understand and keep them all straight.  In this case, also consider using fewer Kingdom Cards and Oopsie Cards. Older children will enjoy playing with all of the cards.

Bible Bingo - Review

Bible Bingo - Review

Bible Bingo by Bible Games Central

Ages: 6+  (Warning: Choking Hazard for children 3 and under.)

Playing Time: 15 minutes

Players: 2-24 players

Objective: Be the first to get 5 in a row and shout Bingo!

  • 24 double-sided Bingo Cards.
  • 66 Bingo Calling Cards
  • Overview Section included in Quick Guide 
  • 400 plastic Bingo Chips – light green and durable with their own plastic storage bag.  (NOTE: Choking Hazard Warning for children 3 and under.)

How to Play: Like traditional Bingo in many ways, but with subtle variations. 

Bingo Calling Cards – Very colorful cards with fun artwork, describing memorable events from each book of the Bible. NOTE: These are the same pictures found on the Bible Memory Game Cards. But these cards are clearly denoted Bible Bingo cards, making them possible to distinguish.

Bingo Cards – Each card has 24 spaces on it for various books of the Bible along with 1 Free Space in the center.

Each Bible Bingo Card is divided into areas of Old and New Testament. Those areas are then subdivided into sections representing different “sections” of the Bible – based on type of literature found in those books.

  • Old Testament – Law, History, Poetry, Major Prophets, Minor Prophets
  • New Testament – Gospels, History, Letters from Paul, General Letters, Prophecy
  • To make things more manageable, the game groups NT Gospels and History together and General Letters and Prophecy together.

Order of Play: Each player is given a Bingo Card and several Bingo Chips to start. Everyone puts a chip on their Free Space. Bingo Calling Cards are shuffled and placed face down in the center of the table. One person may turn the cards over to call a space, or players may take turns calling.

When a Calling Card is turned over the name of the book is called along with whether it is in the Old or New Testament and which “section” it is in, that way the players can find out quickly if they have the named book on their card. 

Players put a chip on any "called" space.  The winner is the first player to get 5 in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) and shout "Bingo!" 

Sharon's Thoughts on this Bible Game:

What I really like about the Bible Bingo Game is the Overview Section in its Quick Guide, which also contains some instructions for the game. The Overview Section devotes a whole page to each “section” of the Bible (Law, Prophets, Gospels, etc.)

The Overview talks scripturally about what was happening historically during each of these sections and what they are about. It talks plainly about the fulfillment of prophecies in the Old Testament about the Messiah, in Jesus Christ. For the Gospel section, the overview does a good job of presenting the Gospel Message and describes Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, ascension and promised return.

Anyone who wanted to read through the Overview could give their children or students reasonable and accurate descriptions of what these various sections of the Bible are about.  They would also have at their disposal a clear and accurate presentation of the Gospel Message.

Sharon's Recommendation:

  • Sunday School Classrooms - 7-14 years of age
  • Home Use with Family Groups!
Recommended for Sunday School classrooms with children 8-14 learning the books of the Bible or types of literature in the Bible. Also good for reviewing your Bible facts.

Bible Memory Game - Review

Bible Memory Game - Review

Bible Memory Game by Bible Games Central

Ages: 6+ 

Time: 15 - 30 minutes

Players: 2-6 players

Objective: Find the most sets of matched cards

  • 132 colorful and resilient cards, consisting of 2 identical sets of 66 cards each; one for each book of the Bible (Genesis – Revelation). The only difference in the sets is the color of the backing (red and blue.)

How to Play:  Shuffle the cards and lay them out face down on the table. Youngest player goes first, turning over 2 cards (one of each color backing.) If the cards match, he takes them off the board and keeps them in front of him. Player may then turn over 2 more cards. If the cards don't match, turn them back over and play passes. 

Sharon's Thoughts on this Bible Game:

The pictures on these cards are amazing! Each fun picture reminds us of something that is told about or revealed to us in that particular book of the Bible. (Examples: Exodus - Moses walking between walls of water in the Red Sea; 1st Samuel – David and Goliath; Luke – Jesus and Disciples at the Last Supper) This affords the potential for lots of good learning about the Books of the Bible.

The cards representing the Books of the Bible are labeled with the name of the book, whether it is found in the Old or New Testament, and the “section” of the Bible in which it is found. The word “section” is defined by the main type of literature in the book – History, Poetry, Gospel, etc. (See Bible Bingo review for more information.)

Sharon Recommendation:

  • Sunday School Classrooms 7-14 years of age
  • Home use for Children 7-14 years of age

Recommended for Sunday School Classes for children who are learning the Books of the Bible and want a fun game for class, and also for school aged children at home.

This is a fun game to play, but I would recommend either working in teams to do the guesswork or reducing the number of sets of cards if playing with 2 people.

My adult daughter and I played this game together with all of the Memory Cards (132) in play at once.  It was a bit much to try and take them all in at once.  Our lively competition brought to mind Jesus’ words from Matthew 10: 36 ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.’ (NKJV) Just kidding!  We had fun, although we finally decided to join forces in the end to try and beat the game – and we won!

Christmas Bingo and Memory Card Game - Review

Christmas Bingo and Memory Card Game - Review

Christmas Bingo and Memory Card Game by Bible Games Central

Christmas Bingo

Ages: 6+ 

Time: 15 minutes

Players: 2-24 players

Objective: Be the first to get 5 spaces in a row and shout "Bingo!" 

  • 24 double-sided Bingo cards (total of 48 playing areas) with all of the pictures on them plus a Free Space. Nice durable plasticized cards, which can be easily wiped off.
  • 2 sets of 24 cards for “calling” the Bingo Game or to use for the Memory Card Matching Game. Both sets of cards are identical, except for different colored backing (red and green for Christmas.) Words for the picture are included, which makes it easier to call the Bingo Game and for young readers to learn the words.
  • 400 plastic Bingo Chips, which is plenty for the game. These are a lovely green color that look like they would taste good.  (FYI: My grandson (age 4 ½) says they don’t taste as good as they look.) These are undoubtedly the reason for the Choking Hazard Warning on the box (Not for ages 3 and under).

How to Play: Shuffle one deck of the cards and place face down on the table. Give everyone a Bingo Card and some chips. Each player puts a chip on Free Space. One person turns over a card and calls out the picture on the card (Ex: stocking, sheep, king, angel.) Everyone places a chip on their Bingo Card over the picture called out. Winner is the first to get 5 in a row (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) and shout "Bingo!" 

Sharon's Thoughts on this Bible Game:

Play is fun! Everyone with a Bingo Card has ALL of the pictures on the 24 “calling” cards. So, each time a picture is turned over and called, everyone has it on their card somewhere. As a result, even little guys like this Bingo Game!

Sharon's Recommendation:

  • Lots of Family Fun at Christmas!
  • Sunday School Class with Younger Children

Memory Card Game

Contained within the Christmas Bingo Box

Ages: 6+

Time: 15 minutes

Players: 2-6

Object: Match the most sets of identical cards.

  • 2 sets of identical decks of cards - one with red backs and the other with green backs. Pictures on cards and names of items pictured.

How to Play: Shuffle the 2 decks of cards and lay them all face down on the table. Youngest player goes first, turning over two cards in search of a matching pair. If the cards match, the player removes them from the board and keeps them in front of him. He then turns over 2 more cards. If the cards don't match, then they are turned face down again and play passes.

When all of the matches have been found, the winner is the player with the most matched sets of cards.

Sharon's Thoughts on this Bible Game:

This is a little different from usual matching games played with ordinary cards. Remember to choose one card of each color (one red and one green) so that you have a chance at a match!

The pictures on each set of cards are identical, but they are on different colored backgrounds (red and green.)  The pictures are fun and the words under the pictures are easy to read

Really good for early readers!!

Sharon's Recommendation:

  • Lots of Family Fun at Home at Christmas!
  • Sunday School Class for Young Children at Christmas.

This is a great game with LOTS of colorful cards, which are easy to figure out and read. Not only that they will last forever if kept nicely in their box.

The Memory Card Game as well as Christmas Bingo are well worth the investment you will make in purchasing them, especially for families and for Sunday School classrooms.

On a Personal Note...

In the future, I hope to have more Bible Games listed here for your enjoyment. Of course, there are the old standards that everyone knows.

Bible Games such as "Sword Drills" where the teacher calls out the Bible reference and all the kids try and find it first in their Bible. These are classics and can't be replaced or imitated. 

If you are interested in more Bible Games to play in your classroom, while learning about the Bible, check out our Children's Lessons page and the Learning About the Bible lessons in particular. There you will find Bible games and activities included with almost every lesson.  

I hope that these resources bless you and the children you are leading to Christ!  God bless you!


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