The Miracle at Tadley Ridge

The Miracle at Tadley Ridge by Sharon Kay Chatwell is a fictional story for boys and girls, ages 9-12. Come and follow CB and Scrub through their adventures one summer on Tadley Ridge. God is BIG!

Written by Sharon Kay Chatwell
Cover Art by Laurie Davis

Christian Themes, as well as Mystery and Adventure for Children ages 9-12!

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ISBN-13: 978-0996440608 

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The Miracle at Tadley Ridge

Review "Quotes"

"Nancy Drew hits the Midwest!"

"By turns, inspiring and laugh out loud funny..."

"A feel-good children's story that's for adults too!"

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Despite the drought, 11-year-old Clara Beth (CB for short) is happy to hear that her older cousin, Scrub, is coming to visit her at Tadley Ridge. Just as he is getting used to life on The Ridge, they find their summer fun threatened by mysterious events in the town and the appearance of two suspicious strangers with a "guaranteed" Rain Machine.

Will CB and Scrub solve the mystery, catch the bad guys, and save the town?  Possibly… But not before surviving a few scrapes, causing their fair share of trouble, and having lots of fun!

What is the Miracle at Tadley Ridge?  Time to find out!

God is faithful

God provides

God answers prayer

What more could you learn in one summer?

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About the Author...

Sharon Kay Chatwell is a Christian author, who has written Bible lessons and fun skits for children for nearly 30 years. She wrote this book for kids to enjoy while learning about how God is faithful and how He often works in the ordinary details of our everyday life to do miraculous things.

At Sharon's website, Sunday School Center, teachers and church leaders may download lessons to use in their ministries for free. Many people visit it annually from all over the world. (God is BIG!)

Originally from Texas, Sharon and her husband, Rick, now live in Nebraska where they have raised their four children. During that time, they have come to love the Midwest, with its cloudless blue skies, vast rolling prairies, and four distinct seasons.

About the Illustrator...

Laurie Davis …is a beautiful Christian lady who has been a countryside watercolorist for over 35 years. Her art is part of her ministry, as she has donated many of her whimsical paintings to church and community fundraisers through the years.

Her artwork is collected across the US, but most of her work is in Texas. 

She and her husband are now empty nesters; after raising two sons in a small town outside of Dallas. When she is not painting, Laurie can be found in her garden, with her big straw hat, cultivating next season’s bulbs or working on her flowers…

Laurie did the lovely watercolor that is featured on both the front and back covers of the book.  Find more of Laurie's artwork set in note cards at her website: 

Answers from the Author...

Is Tadley Ridge a Real Place?

Tadley Ridge, Nebraska is a fictional place, just like the amazing geologic structure for which it is named. But the truths expressed in this story are as real as the mismatched couches in Youth Rooms everywhere.

With that said, we do have a lot of two-lane blacktops in Nebraska, and we would welcome you to come and follow any of them, in your own search for Tadley Ridge.

What is the TRCMSHSSS Class?

TRCMSHSSS (pronounced trik'-ʌm-ʃs) is an acronym for the Tadley Ridge Middle School/High School Sunday School Class (its official name.)  

It isn't actually supposed to be said out loud when you are reading. Mostly it's supposed to be looked at and when you see it you think to yourself, "Oh, yeah... that thing again..." and then you move on, knowing in your heart that it stands for all the kids in the Youth Group at CB's church.  

Of course, if you are reading out loud to a group... or if you happen to move your lips when you read... then just go for it.  Best Wishes!

Will there be another story with CB and Scrub?

Just like with other children, there are many stories about CB and Scrub.   If you like this book, be sure to watch for the two cousins when they make their return in TR-2: Lightning Strikes Twice.

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