Virtual VBS Africa

Virtual VBS Africa - free online Bible Camps for children

Virtual VBS Africa reaches out to children (ages 7-14) with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through free online Bible Camps.

Sunday School Center believes in what they are doing so much that we are partnering with them by helping to develop curriculum and promote upcoming events.

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Download the lessons for the Easter 2021 Bible Camp
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Virtual VBS Africa - Online Bible Camp Christmas 2020

Child of Africa - Easter 2021
Online Bible Camp!

Watch the Recorded Sessions

View the recordings of the live-streamed sessions with your children or students in the coming weeks! Find the lessons, activities and more on their YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

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For more information: Contact Virtual VBS Africa by email.

Or message them through their public Facebook Page.

WhatsApp / Telegram +254 11 5151 841

Download the Lessons & Crafts

In these lessons, children will learn about the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

They will also have FUN as they prepare wonderful crafts, watch creative presentations, recite Bible verses, and interact with their classmates.


DAY 1 - A New Colt - (Story of the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem)

DAY 2 - A King Rejected by Men - (The Passion and Crucifixion of Christ)

DAY 3 - A New Way - (Jesus on the Cross and His Death)

DAY 4 - A New Tomb - (The Burial of Jesus)

DAY 5 - A New Hope - (The Resurrection of Jesus)


Virtual VBS Africa's Story

Conceived and organized by African leaders for African children, Virtual VBS Africa's online Bible Camps began in September 2020, in response to COVID-19 restrictions that prevented ministries from meeting in person. 

The couple who started Virtual VBS Africa (Evah and Joe) are from Kenya. They have run a Bible Club in their own home for the children in their neighborhood for several years now. 

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting their ability to meet with their Bible Club kids as usual, the couple decided to try to reach out to their students online with a 1-week focused study that they called VBS (Vacation Bible School.) This idea was very well received by both the students and their families. 

Word-of-mouth caused an increase in the number of participants, which included kids' ministry partners in various locations in Kenya, as well as in Uganda and South Africa; making their first online program a truly multi-national event!

Accordingly the team named their new ministry Virtual VBS Africa!

MTOTO WA AFRICA Online Bible Camp

After the overwhelming success of their first two Online Bible Camps, Evah and Joe decided to plan two additional online programs for 2021; one for Easter and another one in the summer.

Virtual VBS Africa has enlarged its team to include teachers and support staff from several different countries across Africa, which now offers Mtoto Wa Africa Online Bible Camps (Child of Africa Online Bible Camps.) 

The team includes Puppet Africa (based in Kampala, Uganda) which  supplies puppet performances each day of the event! Besides adding "tons of fun," the puppets will also help teach the Bible memory verse every day.

This diverse and growing team shows the organic growth of this "by Africans for Africans" event. Sunday School Center is pleased to have a small and diminishing role to play in this increasingly independent event.

Report on Pasika-2021

Their third camp, Pasika - 2021 (Easter 2021) included over 280 children in the live-streamed events with an additional 200+ children signed up to review the lessons with their teachers during their Easter Break.

Additionally, over 30 Sunday School teachers and 10 pastors attended this truly international event; including people from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa.

Now and In the Future...

Sunday School Center is proud to partner with Virtual VBS Africa in their new international outreach ministry to children in Africa. Our efforts will include helping develop curriculum and working to increase awareness of upcoming events.

Watch here for more information on Virtual VBS Africa future events!

All for the glory of God! Amen!

A Personal Note from Sharon...

I have personally known Evah and her husband, Joe, for several years now. We first met through the Sunday School Center website, and the friendship we have now is based on mutual admiration and trust, as well as on our relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Many of our website visitors from Africa may know Evah better as "Mrs. Evah G." our Sunday School Center - Africa Representative, who organizes and oversees all of our correspondence and resource distribution there.

She has been of invaluable help to me and to Sunday School Center during the past few years and I am thrilled to see her working together with her husband in this new ministry.

May God continue to bless them in their endeavors! And may many come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior through these efforts. Amen!

In Christ,