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Halloween Ideas for Sunday School! Halloween Parties, Trunk or Treat & Alternative Events for Teens. Resources and DIY information. Still deciding? Read the article: "Halloween: Party or No Party?"

Halloween may seem like a strange topic to discuss on a site called Sunday School Center... But having served as a Sunday School Superintendent for years, I realize that soon you are going to be trying to answer that question which haunts us all... (excuse the pun...) about this time of year... 

Halloween - To Party or Not to Party?

An excellent question! What will your church do this year? In this year where social distancing and church re-openings due to the pandemic, do you have the party?... or not? Do you need an indoor or an outdoor event?

Halloween presents an opportunity to do a little community outreach. In 2024, October 31st falls on a Thursday.

How about some of these Halloween ideas?

Halloween Ideas and Resources!


PTOtoday.com - "How to Organize a Trunk or Treat"
The PTO folks have their act together on ideas how to organize and run your own Trunk or Treat.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

Sunday School Lessons for Halloween!

Visit this page to find free Sunday School lessons for Halloween to use with all Children (Preschool to Youth.) Everyone will love these Bible-based and informative lessons!

HALLOWEEN - Party or No Party?

As Sunday School teachers and Youth Group leaders, around this time of year we find ourselves facing the question: Halloween - Party or No Party?

I'll cut to the chase. My advice is...Have the Party!

Yep, that's about the size of it. You can read down through this article, weighing the pros and cons, but you'll find at the end that's the sum of my advice: Have the Party!

Not just any kind of party of course (and certainly not a stereotypical Halloween Party) but a wholesome event for younger children put on by Volunteers (like teens from your Youth Group!)

With some forethought, you can plan it to be an alternative event that will be a positive outreach to those in your church and community. Parents, looking for a fun, safe evening for their young children, will appreciate your efforts!

If you're already interested, download the Halloween Ideas in this Handout for the Perfect Kids' Halloween Party. It gives lots of "how-to" information for planning and giving the perfect Halloween Party for children (10 and under) at your church.

No matter if you decide to do a small event for just the kids at church, or a larger event for the children in the neighborhood, this helpful handout will give you some of our best Halloween ideas for making October 31st as pleasant and positive as possible.

If you'd like to plan an Alternative Halloween Event for Youth, our Youth handout will help you plan an event that will at once entertain and engage teens in positive and purposeful activities.

Visit our Trunk or Treat page for Ideas on how to host a Trunk or Treat event.

After all, as someone once said...The best defense is a good offense!

Arguments AGAINST...
Often the objections offered against a church sponsored Halloween Party (no matter how wholesome they may seem) are that it may give the appearance that the church is promoting a pagan festival or even condoning satanic or occult practices. This is enough to give anyone pause!

If your church elders or pastor hold these opinions, then it is best not to have any sort of Halloween party!

I never advise going against the counsel of your governing board of elders or your pastor. The reason is biblical. God has placed them in their positions of authority, as those who must give an account. (Hebrews 13:17) So be sure and support them in their final decision. God will honor you for it!

REMEMBER... what works for one church does not always work for another. Even though we are all members of the Body of Christ, every church body is not the same. We live in different locations and in different communities around the globe. So, only the persons who are in leadership positions at your church can help decide these things for your particular church!

Arguments FOR...
One of the most compelling arguments for having a church sponsored Halloween Party is that it provides an excellent opportunity to witness to others regarding the love of God and the forgiveness offered to each of us through Jesus Christ.

Other reasons include offering a safe, positive event for children to attend and setting an example of good, wholesome fun as an alternative to other potential activities (sometimes promoted by other parts of our culture.)

Involving Youth Group members with the party will encourage positive activities for them as well as service to others.

An Alternative Youth Activity (just for Teens) would provide a safe, fun atmosphere and an opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel. It would also be a good, positive activity to which the Youth could invite their friends.

This could result in increased number of teens at Youth Group events and more opportunities to witness to them.

Events like Trunk or Treat can introduce new people in your community to your church. People who might never inside a church, might come to an event in the parking lot with their children.

The Bottom Line...
Whether we like it or not, and whether we approve of it or not, Halloween is celebrated all around us in our culture... (and sometimes in less than desirable ways!)

Let's counter this by providing wholesome, safe events for the children in our church and those in our surrounding community!

Download the Halloween Ideas article, Halloween - Party or No Party?, to share with your pastor or advisory board.

Halloween Ideas for Sunday School
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