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Our Review:

The Abingdon 2014 VBS theme is called:  “Praise Break” – Celebrating the Works of God!  It is a fun, joyful option that will particularly attractive to VBS programs reaching out to the African American community.

A "Praise Break" is defined as "when people take time to celebrate the works of God."  And this program encourages participants to take frequent Praise Breaks all during the various portions of VBS!  What fun!

With new music and video's featuring hip-hop artist Ricky B, in songs like "Keep on Dreaming" and "The Faith to Pray" young people are encouraged to be committed to following their dreams and to find prayerful and peaceful solutions to problems.  Other songs are just simply fun; for example "Like Jesus" that teaches kids how much fun it is just to be joyous and praise God!

The Bible lessons are solid and very well thought through.  They do a good job of helping kids figure out how to make practical applications of the stories in the Bible to their everyday lives.

Praise Break also teaches about the faith of African American leaders in the Past and Present.  This will help children understand that history is full of people who believed in God and made a big difference.

This curriculum is designed to be inter-generational, which encourages an increased sense of community.  For example: People of different ages are grouped together in teams for suggested games and activities. And of course, they offer lesson books for all ages as well.

Complete Craft instructions and templates are available in the leaders' manuals, and all of the necessary craft materials are easily obtainable.  

The Starter Kit contains all of the leaders' manuals needed to run the VBS for children; and it includes the music CD and instructional DVD.  It also has samples of many of the other printed materials that are also available.

All in all, Praise Break looks like an excellent program that will be particularly helpful in reaching out to children in African American communities.  ...And it's fun, too! 

Time for a Praise Break!  Hallelujah!

Find and compare prices for the "Praise Break: Celebrating the Works of God! - Starter Kit" at places like: ChristianBooks.com, FamilyChristian.com and others.

About Themselves:

“In many churches, there are points in worship wherein a testimony, a song, or a sermon is just so good that it calls for a “Praise Break!” The Bible story teachings, arts and crafts activities, music and movements videos, and outreach projects all work together to help participants be on the uptake, ready for a praise break." 

"With Praise Break - Celebrating the Works of God, participants will: Hear how people in the Bible had praise breaks! Celebrate the faith of leaders, past and present! Give praise for the 'right now' works of God! Have community fun in Jesus Christ!”

VBS MOTTO: Celebrating the Works of God

VBS SCRIPTURE: Psalm 107:2a - “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so . . .” 

MSRP: $74.99 starter kit
Adult and teen student and leader books separate


AGE RANGE: Multi-generational, Preschool through Adults

SCRIPTURE TRANSLATION: Multiple translations

NOTES: Bible lesson books available for all ages, preschool through adult. 

Daily Lessons:

  • Day 1:  Praise God for Freedom
    Passage: Exodus 14:31--15:2, 20-21
    Key Lesson: I will praise God for freedom
  • Day 2: The Faith to Pray
    Passage: Isaiah 38:1-5, 9, 19-21
    Key Lesson: I will have the faith to pray
  • Day 3: The Savior's Birth
    Passage: Luke 2:8-15
    Key Lesson: I will tell about the Savoir
  • Day 4: Lost and Found
    Passage: Luke 15:8-10
    Key Lesson: I will celebrate success in Christ
  • Day 5: Marching to Zion
    Passage: Mark 11:7-9; Luke 19:39-40
    Key Lessons: I will walk and talk for Jesus


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