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Just Us Little Guys - Preschool Sunday School lessons FREE

Just Us Little Guys is a year's worth of free Preschool Bible Lessons that help teach young children (4-7 years old) about Jesus.

Find the entire set of these Sunday School Lessons for Preschoolers right here. These free lessons are available for teachers and parents to use with young children, whether in Sunday School, Children's Church, or home school settings.

The set includes more than a year's worth of Bible-based lessons, including subject matter from The Creation through The Life of Christ.

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Download Groups of Lessons...

  • God Loves Me
    8 lessons about how God loves us, our family, and the world.
    (Faith, Forgiveness, God Never Changes)
  • Christmas
    6 lessons about the Christmas Story: The Birth of Jesus Christ!
  • Life of Jesus
    12 lessons about Things Jesus Did and Said
    (Baptism of Jesus, Parables, Miracles, Salvation Message)
  • Easter
    8 lessons on the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ!
  • The New Church
    6 lessons about the early church from Pentecost to Missions
  • Genesis
    13 lessons from Creation to the Patriarchs
    (Learn about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and more!)
  • Exodus
    7 lessons from Moses to the Promised Land
    (Pharaoh and the 10 Plagues, Passover, Ten Commandments)

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Using the Just Us Little Guys Lessons...

I have often been asked in what order to teach the lessons in the Just Us Little Guys materials.

My answer?  It depends on your class and the time of year!

If you are just starting class with a new group, I recommend beginning with the God Loves Me series. The fact that God Loves Me is the most important lesson anyone can learn. It reassures children and helps them want to learn more about the all-powerful God, who loves them.

If you have an established class, you might want to choose lessons that correspond with the time of year. If you start the Christmas Lessons series right after Thanksgiving, it will take you well into New Year, when you'll find yourself teaching about the Flight to Egypt (one of my favorite lessons of all!)

Of course, you'll want to teach from the set of Easter Lessons starting a few weeks before the event. You may have to pick and choose lessons from the set, depending on your church schedule and the number of classes you have during that time. You'll also have lessons for after-Easter.

For years I taught the Life of Jesus Lessons between Christmas and Easter, since this flowed well in chronologic order. However, with the addition of more lessons, the series would now fit in any quarter of the year, including Summer.

The Genesis and Exodus series can be taught at any time. They are written to follow one another, but can be taught separately. In them we first introduce the idea of having a classroom Timeline (described below).

I always enjoyed teaching the set of lessons on Genesis during the spring and summer months. This was because Genesis contains the lesson on Creation, and spring and summer are great times to go outside (if feasible) to see nature in full bloom. It is easy for children to see a flower or a tree, or to look up into a clear blue sky, and understand that  "God made all these things."

The set of lessons in Exodus follows Genesis very well (obviously!) and for older students (6-7), Exodus is a very exciting study. Younger ones (4-5) will enjoy the "BIG PICTURE" ideas included in the lesson as you recreate the parting of the Red Sea in your classroom. In this set you will follow Moses and the people of Israel from the Burning Bush to the Promised Land.

No matter which series you choose to start with when teaching Just Us Little Guys materials, you can be sure that the lessons are Bible-based and Christ-honoring. The activities and worksheets are age-appropriate and engaging for children ages 4-7.

Using a classroom Timeline...

Years ago I realized it was difficult for young children to keep the people and events in various Bible Stories straight from a historical point of view. This led to the idea of using a Timeline in class.

Much like a number line (which is very familiar to young children) a Timeline helps them visualize when each story happened in relation to time.

By reviewing the Timeline weekly, the children are better able to remember what happened first and what followed after. This gives the stories a sense of order - sometimes for the first time - and makes them seem more real.

Reviewing the Timeline also helps students who may have missed a lesson or two (whether through illness or vacation) to catch up with the group.

How to make a classroom Timeline...

In order to make a Timeline, you will need to stretch a piece of yarn or clothesline safely across one wall of your classroom. You will also need a supply of clothespins. Each week, as you study one lesson or another, you will add to the Timeline one of the worksheets for that lesson. These can either be worksheets you have prepared in advance or one of the worksheets done by the children in class.

Each week, as you begin a new lesson, be sure to review the Timeline up to that point with the children. This helps the children maintain a historical perspective and understand how the lessons relate to one another. Oftentimes people in one story (or their children) are in the following story.

Two alternatives to the Timeline are to designate a place on the wall to tape up activity pages in order, or to use a Scrapbook where the lesson worksheets are saved in order.

A Note from Sharon...

No matter which series of Just Us Little Guys you are teaching, I always recommend having a folder in class for each child to save their individual papers in. Allow time for the children to decorate these folders, and encourage them to place their completed papers in them.

This makes a nice notebook to take home at the end of each series or at the end of the year.

My daughter Anna (who is now 23) still has her Children's Church notebook even after all these years!

I hope that you will enjoy teaching Just Us Little Guys materials as much as I have through the years. They are simply my favorite lessons.

God Bless You!

With Love in Christ,

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