Kurinji Gifts

Kurinji Gifts is a non-profit effort to help women in Calcutta, India, who have escaped sex trafficking and been given a new start, full of hope and dignity.

With each purchase of their beautifully handcrafted products, you are enriching a life and truly making a difference.

Kurinji Gifts says that, "Together we are working to help one more girl off of the streets, where there is a future and a hope waiting for her."

Link to Kurinji Gifts website
Where you can purchase items like these that are pictured.

   A Note from Sharon...

I personally know the folks at Kurinji Gifts. I know that they are very dedicated and lovely Christian people, who have sacrificed much to help get Kurinji Gifts set up, so that these handcrafted items can be sold in the USA.

I don't often encourage people to purchase things.  However, if you would like to help women rescued from sex trafficking in Calcutta, you can do so by purchasing one of their handmade journals or other items.

Being a fan of Kurinji Gifts, and of the people who run it, I have had an opportunity to purchase some of their journals and cards. I can testify to their excellent construction and quality.

I hope that you will purchase one or more of these journals for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.

PLEASE NOTE: Sunday School Center receives no proceeds from these sales.

Saris for book covers...

The covers of the journals created by Love Calcutta Arts (which employs women rescued from sex trafficking in Calcutta) are fashioned from sari materials. These delicate silk and cotton fabrics are as beautiful as they are unique! The cotton journals are adorned with ornamental stitching, placed there by those who create them.

The journals are one-of-a-kind and carefully crafted using recycled materials. The hand-bound pages are made with reclaimed cotton fabrics and woolen blankets. They are covered with three layers of vintage sari material; the traditional garment of Indian women.

New Items...

The folks at Kurinji Gifts are always coming up with new items. They are now offering handmade cards and blankets as well as journals. The thick paper and good construction make these cards, like the Christmas Card featured here, a great purchase. Each card comes with its own envelope.

The blankets are made from sari material, which has been folded and lined. They would make excellent gifts.

The lap blankets are made with vintage sari materials, which have been folded, lined, and lightly quilted with a running kantha stitch. Their bright colors will make these delicate blankets a joy to have and to keep.

Visit Kurinji Gifts for current items and pricing.

Link to Kurinji Gifts...

Go to the Kurinji Gifts website
And purchase items like these pictured!

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