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See a review of the NextGen4Christ 2014 VBS theme, Game On!

Our Review:

This is a unique VBS theme that uses a "Gamer" model to present truths of the gospel. This should appeal to young kids who are big into video games.

I am so excited for this theme! I think that kids will really understand this one, as it relates to video games, to which many kids are attracted. The daily main points are called "apps," and help them with "APP-lying" the Bible to their lives. The four rotation sites are called "levels" and the groups of kids are called "networks."

The handouts for the teachers have really cute graphics (Pac-Man and Galaga style.) Though these might seem a little distracting at first, once you get the hang of it (like any good video game) the information should be very straightforward.

The music and skit videos are excellent and clearly Gospel-based.  They are also very well done and well-presented.  NextGen4Christ has partnered with popular kids' worship leader Uncle Charlie for the music.

With all its materials available in digital format, this VBS is unique in that you only have to print out what you need.

I would heartily recommend this NextGen4Christ 2014 VBS Game On! for any medium-sized church looking for a new way to attract kids to VBS, especially if the kids are really tech savvy! 

Find prices and purchase Game On! at the NextGen4Christ website.

About Themselves:

It's "...a digital adventure when you give God the controller and let him guide your life! Kids will beam into the life of David following God through the ups and downs, play real life video games, make some moves to awesome music, and more!"

"Game On VBS is a complete digital experience and comes with complete directing, teaching, and decorating guides and publicity resources all in PDF and eReader Format, as well as special PDF's for smart phones! ... You have the right to print as many copies as you need for your Church. You receive quality content and graphics at a fraction of the cost of a complete kit in print!”

VBS MOTTO: Giving God the Controller

VBS SCRIPTURE: Romans 12:1-2

MSRP: $59.99 - digital package of everything you need
$29.99 (+$5 shipping) - media add-on (worship lyric videos DVD, music CD, and skit DVD) 
$14.99 - digital preschool add-on

PROGRAM LENGTH: Traditional day program

AGE RANGE: This program is for Preschool through elementary

SCRIPTURE TRANSLATION: NIV, NKJV, and NLT, but any version is usable as kids will read directly from whatever Bibles you have on hand

MISSIONS PROJECT: CURE - a network of charitable hospitals and surgical programs that delivers life-changing medical care and the good news of God's love to children and families with treatable conditions. Specifically children with clubfoot.

SOCIAL PAGES: Pinterest and Facebook

NOTES: Each leader will only need to prepare one 25 minute lesson and repeat it with each group of kids.

Daily Lessons:

  • Day 1:  Loading...
    Passage: David is anointed king!
    Daily "App" for applying the Bible: Destiny - They can believe God has something planned for them.
  • Day 2: Defeat the Boss
    Passage: David faces Goliath! (1 Samuel 17)
    Daily "App" for applying the Bible: Courage - They can apply courage to their lives and destroy their fear.
  • Day 3: No Cheat Codes
    Passage: David spares Saul's life!
    Daily "App" for applying the Bible: Integrity - Kids will learn the value of being true to righteousness, even when they might be tempted to seek revenge or do something wrong.
  • Day 4: Giving God the Controller
    Passage: David dances like crazy!
    Daily "App" for applying the Bible: Worship - Kids will explore the true heart of worship, which is celebrating God by giving Him our hearts and lives - and ignoring all the critics. 
  • Day 5: +1: The Extra Life
    Passage: David believes Jesus will come; and He does!
    Daily "App" for applying the Bible: Believe - This app will help them trust in Jesus, wait for God's promises, and live tor all eternity.


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