Sunday School Lessons

Thanksgiving Sunday School Lessons

Thanksgiving Sunday School Lessons: Children (Preschool-Youth.) Free lessons on Being Thankful! Crafts included!

Gobble Gobble... Well... the leaves will be turning soon and there will be frost on the pumpkin... (at least here in Nebraska) ...So, Thanksgiving must be just around the corner!

Find free Sunday School lessons for Turkey Day right here! You will find lots of Crafts and Activities to go along with each lesson plan!

Use these lesson plans any time of the year to teach children and teens about Being Thankful!

Free Thanksgiving Lessons

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Synopsis of CHILDREN'S Lesson...

Thanksgiving Craft

Preschool to Elementary ages will love this Lesson for Children and its fun activities and crafts! (Like the "Turkey Cup" pictured here...)

The children will study Psalm 136:1 and learn that we are to "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever."

They will also learn that praising God is as easy as saying things to the LORD that are true about Him! (After the lesson spend some time praising God together by singing some fun songs!)

If you teach Older Elementary age children, try playing the Letter Scramble or making the Turkey Wall Hanging! What a hoot!

Younger Children will enjoy making Handprint Turkeys! (Yes, just like the ones you made when you were a kid! They're a classic!) Or they may want to make a Turkey Cup! (I love this one... I still have the one my daughter made in kindergarten... and she's all grown up now!)

Whatever you do... Have fun while "Learning to be Thankful!"

Synopsis of TEEN Lesson...

It's important for Youth to learn the concept of "Being Thankful." So, this lesson is written to be used near the holidays or any other time during the year.

Ask the teens in your group these important questions: "Thankful for What?" and "Thankful to Whom?"

The Youth will examine Bible verses which teach us that God is worthy of our thanks and praise. And they'll discuss things for which we can be thankful, whether as a group and as individuals.

They will learn how, as Christians, we can always be thankful to God the Father for our salvation through the Lord, Jesus Christ!

The First Thanksgiving

Learn about the First Thanksgiving celebrated by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony in 1621, and about President Abraham Lincoln's proclamation in 1863 establishing the national holiday. (Reference materials provided!)


“Thank you! These are great lesson plans. I went searching for something I could do with my two kids and nieces and nephews this week. I didn't want the chance to thank God for everything we have to get lost in a turkey feast. I can't wait to share the Thanksgiving lesson plan and crafts with them."

- Amanda A. (Florida)


Thank Banks are a great way to get children and youth to think about being thankful.

Thank Banks are containers designed by the students and filled over a period of time with slips of paper (describing things for which we are thankful.)

If filled with coins, your class may choose to donate the money to a worthy charity. If filled with the slips of paper, the students may choose to share those with the class, or honor a family member by presenting them with the Thank Bank at Christmas!

Just Desserts...

Well, the turkey is cooked, the ham is baked, and the rolls are in the oven... Looks like it's about time to call everyone in to supper!

God bless you as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year with your family and friends. Remember to take time to enjoy yourself, to rest, and to relax... And be sure to count your blessings!

And somewhere in the middle of it all... (maybe while you are watching the Little Guys play... or maybe when you finally get to turn off the lights in the kitchen...) remember to offer up a little prayer of thanks to Him, the One who watches over us and provides for us all.

God bless you!

Oh... and don't forget your piece of Pumpkin Pie!! After all you deserve it!

With love in Christ,


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