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Easter 2025


Find free Easter Sunday School Lessons to help you tell the Easter Story! Make an Empty Tomb craft and an Easter Card! Happy Easter!

In one of our fun Easter Sunday School lessons, "Friday was Sad, but Sunday was Glad!", the children will make an Easter Card craft featuring the Cross and the Empty Tomb! Jesus is Risen! Hallelujah!!

When is Easter 2025?

  • In 2025, Easter is on Sunday, April 20th.
  • Good Friday is on Friday, April 18th.
  • Palm Sunday is on Sunday, April 13th.

Download and use these Easter Lessons in your ministry!


Use these free Easter Sunday School lessons to focus on the love of God poured out to us through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son. Teach the children about the hope we have through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  • Palm Sunday
  • Learn about Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem (riding on a donkey!) and how God kept His Promise to send the Messiah! The children will also enjoy learning what "Hosanna" means and making a "Palm Leaf" craft! End class with your own parade!

  • The Last Supper
  • During the Last Supper, Jesus gave us a picture to remember Him by: “The Lord’s Supper” (or Communion.) Learn that when we see the bread and the wine we can remember what Jesus did for us. The children will draw a picture of themselves for their craft.

  • Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • What does it mean to say to God "...not my will, but yours be done"? Children will learn how Jesus prayed at Gethsemane. For activities they may draw Jesus praying in the Garden under an olive branch, or learn part of the Lord's Prayer, "... Your will be done".

  • Friday was Sad, but Sunday was Glad!
  • This lesson on the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus balances the Sadness of the Crucifixion with the Joy of the Resurrection. Little Guys need to have both sides of the story at the same time! Make an Easter Card craft featuring the Cross and the Empty Tomb!

  • The Empty Tomb! (Easter Sunday)
  • Focusing on the Resurrection of Jesus, this lesson follows Mary Magdalene as she finds the Empty Tomb on Easter Sunday morning. Then she sees Jesus and runs to tell the Disciples the news, "I have seen the Lord!" Create an Empty Tomb Craft and do an Easter Skit!

Try out these lessons for After Easter:

  • Jesus Appears to His Disciples (Doubting Thomas)
  • Jesus appeared to His Disciples; now they knew He was alive again! But Thomas missed it and then refused to believe until he saw Jesus himself. "Stop doubting and believe" becomes a good lesson for us all! Make a bookmark that says: "Jesus is Alive!" and "No Doubt!"

  • Jesus Makes Breakfast (The Reconciliation of Peter)
  • Learn about sin, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Jesus appears to His Disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. There He makes them breakfast, and then reconciles Peter to Himself (after Peter had denied Him three times.) Re-enact "Breakfast by the Sea" with your class and make a special puzzle while you learn that "Jesus' love puts us back together with God."

  • The Great Commission (Jesus Ascends into Heaven)
    Forty days after the Resurrection, Jesus Ascended into heaven. But before He did that, He gave the Disciples a new job to do: We call it The Great Commission! Do a fun teacher-led activity called "I'll be Back!" and make the cloud that "hid Him from view", with cotton balls and glue! Learn that Jesus promised one day He would return!

REVIEW: Preschool Easter Sunday School Lessons

A teacher of 4 and 5 year olds says:

“This literature was heaven sent. :) Funny how He helps us out in those ways! We started the Easter series last week and the kids had a blast; I was not exhausted at the end of the night, nor did I have tons of clean-up! Thank you!”

- Rosa W. (Arkansas)

Need more options for lessons?

Free Sunday School Lessons with Free Printables 
from Bible Games Central.


(2nd-3rd Grade)

  • The Last Supper
  • Early elementary age students will really enjoy learning about Jesus' Last Supper with His Disciples and how on that night He established The Lord's Supper, (or Communion) which we still celebrate today. (You might want to involve your pastor in helping teach this important class to your students.)

    The children will re-enact portions of The Last Supper. And they will do some Bible discovery work as they fill-in-the-blanks on their activity sheet based on the scriptures found in 1 Corinthians 11:23-26.

  • For Easter Skits for Children to do in class, see our Easter Skits page! This is a great way for children to learn the Easter Story!


For Youth Easter Sunday School Lessons see our Youth Bible Lessons page. In Part B of our "What I Need: What God Has for Me" lessons you will find lessons to use with teens at Easter. Specifically check out these three lessons:

NOTE: If you like using these at Easter with your Youth Group, you might consider using the series during the year. There are 36 lessons in all: Twelve each on God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

For YOUTH EASTER SKITS to do in class see our Easter Skits page!

Consider watching the Jews for Jesus presentation of "Christ in the Passover" with your Youth Group. This will help them learn about the connection between the celebration of the Passover Feast and the Lord's Supper.  (Find more information in the next few paragraphs...)

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Find out more about The Last Supper...

Easter is a perfect time to learn more about The Last Supper. Jesus and His Disciples shared their Last Supper together while observing the ancient celebration of Passover. It was on that night that Jesus established The Lord's Supper, which Christians worldwide continue to observe.

Learning about the deep spiritual significance of the various portions of the Passover celebration, often leads to a better understanding of the atoning work that Jesus Christ (the Messiah) did for us on the cross.

Read the classic book "Christ in the Passover" by Ceil and Moishe Rosen. You may purchase this very well written book online at the Jews for Jesus website. 

In addition, you can watch a presentation of Christ in the Passover by David Brickner from Jews for Jesus. This will help you see the connection between the celebration of the Passover Feast and the Lord's Supper.

I highly recommend these to you as helpful resources.

 - Sharon

When is Easter 2014?

How do they figure out when Easter is?

In 2025, Easter will be on Sunday, April 20th.

Easter falls on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Vernal Equinox.

Because of this, Easter is on a different date each year! (Anywhere from March 22 to April 25th!)

This often leads people to say that Easter seems to be "early" or "late" on any particular year.

In 2025, Easter will probably seem really late to most of us, since it will fall almost at the end of the time span during which Easter can occur!

I hope you will have a blessed and Happy Easter!

On a Personal Note...

I hope that you will enjoy using these Easter Sunday School lessons and that they will be a blessing to you and your class!

Easter is such a wonderful time of year. It reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us, and encourages us with the truth that Jesus rose from the dead and is ALIVE FOREVER!

Jesus told His disciples in John 14:19 "Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live."

As His followers, we are promised LIFE!

LIVE! And teach others about the life-giving love of God through the Death and Resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ!

God bless you this Easter and always!

With love in Christ,

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