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The Store features materials written by Sharon Kay Chatwellauthor of the free lessons and skits found at Sunday School Center. You will also find books by other authors, which we hope will uplift and encourage you in Christ!

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The Miracle at Tadley Ridge

The Miracle at Tadley Ridge

Written by Sharon Kay Chatwell
Cover Art by Laurie Davis

Great summer read for kids 8-14.

Christian message along with mystery and adventure!

$2.99 Kindle and Nook

$6.99  Amazon and get Kindle edition for free!

OR Buy Now: $5.99 + Shipping 

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The Miracle at Tadley Ridge

Tadley Ridge T-Shirts!

Dryblend TM T-Shirts, 5.6 Oz., 50/50 cotton/poly blend, Navy Blue.

Tadley Ridge T-Shirts

Miss Hope is modeling our T-Shirt that says "I had a SHOCKING EXPERIENCE on Tadley Ridge." (Just like the T-Shirts they make in the book.)

Order your Tadley Ridge T-Shirt here at the store! (Limited supplies!)

$14.99 plus Shipping

T-Shirt Size

The Bible Tells Me So
For Parents of 'Little Ones'

The Bible Tells Me So

By Sharon Kay Chatwell

A Devotional Calendar for Parents of Newborns

Scripture verses for each day of Baby's First Year

Note Pages for Special Memories!

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

Buy Here: $4.99 + Shipping

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The Bible Tells Me So - For Parents of 'Little Ones'

Broken - Poems from the Holy Spirit
By Julie Anshasi

Broken - Poems from the Holy Spirit by Julie Anshasi

Broken~Poems from the Holy Spirit

Written by Julie Anshasi

Broken ~ Poems from the Holy Spirit is a collection of beautiful poems born out of the author's spiritual journey toward oneness with Jesus Christ. These poems represent a deep desire to serve Him and know Him more intimately.

$2.99  Kindle

$12.11 + S&H

$15.49 (including tax, shipping and handling) GiantPublishingCompany

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The Bible Tells Me So
Imperfect Copies

A limited number of slightly imperfect copies of The Bible Tells Me So are available for $2.99 + Shipping.

Imperfect copies have minor yellowing on front or back cover, interior pages are like new! Purchase these slightly imperfect copies here.

Standin' On The Mountain

Standin' On The Mountain


Book, Music and Lyrics by Sharon Kay Chatwell

Arranged and Orchestrated by Nathan James Larsen

Copyright Sharon Kay Chatwell 2004, 2018


Not yet available, but something that I've been working on a lot is a new Christian musical, called Standin' On The Mountain. In 2015, we had a screening of some of its original songs, and if you'd like to watch that video just click on this link...


Book, Music and Lyrics by Sharon Kay Chatwell
Copyright Sharon Kay Chatwell 2004, 2018. All rights reserved.

The play and its music won't be available for some time, but I wanted to share it with some of my website visitors. If you are intrepid enough to have found this link, please be my guest and watch the video.

Please note that you will not be able to download the video or share it on any other websites. You can only watch it here at Sunday School Center.

There is a place for feedback on the musical's page as well. I'd love to hear what you think of the songs, and if you believe they will honor God.

Thanks so much!

Why a Store?

For a website devoted to giving away Bible lessons and other materials, having a shop may seem like a strange thing...

The Store gives me a place to sell items that are already printed and must be mailed out.  It also allows me to offer some of my other writings as options for people to buy.

These materials will always be Christian in nature, and I hope that they will brighten your day or help you in your various ministries.

But rest assured, no matter what, all of the lessons and materials that you find on the rest of the website will still be free for you to download and use. There is no charge for those now... and there won't be in the future.

Fine Print

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A Note from Sharon

Any payments you may make for items purchased in The Store will be made to Calvert Place Publishing, which is the parent company of Sunday School Center. Don't worry... it's still me.

I hope that you enjoy the extra materials offered  here, and that they will be a blessing to you!  I praise God for His great faithfulness!

With love in Christ,