Volunteer translators have helped translate some of our Sunday School Center materials into other languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

We thank them so much for the work that they've done, so that more people can benefit from these materials.

Have you translated some of our materials into your language? If so, would you be willing to share them with us so that we can make them available to other people?

Write to us at the Contact Us page and let us know you which materials you have translated, and we will respond.

Mandarin:  Meet Rose!

Rose is a lovely young woman from East Asia, who loves the Lord and wanted to share her ability to translate from English to Mandarin with others. She graciously contacted me and asked if she could translate the Christmas Skit "A Christmas to Believe In" into Mandarin. (Of course, I said "YES!")

She agreed to allow me to post the translated version at Sunday School Center for everyone to enjoy and to use for free in their ministries! Rose and I hope that this translated version will help others!

Here are a few words from Rose:

Hi, I'm Rose. I live in Beijing, homeschooling at home, currently a junior.

Born in a Christian family, I always had a passion for God, and wanted to spread the Gospel. 

- Rose Z. (East Asia)

Kiswahili: Meet Ruth!

I would personally like to thank our friends at Biblica Africa, as well as our translator, Ruth Mugeni, and her team, for making the translation or our Little Guys' materials into Kiswahili possible.

We are indebted to Ruth for her tireless work, not only in translating the lessons but also in editing the songs and activities to make them more culturally relevant for the children of Africa. 

Thank you, Ruth!

Portuguese: Meet Jessica!

I would like to thank career missionary, Jessica Shore, for offering to share her translation of A Christmas to Believe In - Portuguese with us all!

She has done a lovely job with the translation and I very much appreciate her efforts and her expertise!

Here's a little bit about Jessica and her husband Mike, and about their church-planting ministry in Portugal.

Jessica Shore and her husband Mike have been involved in church planting in a pioneering situation in Portugal, for 34 years. They belong to Commission, Newfrontiers, and now they oversee 4 churches or church plants in Spain and Portugal.

They have three children and 10 grandchildren all living in Portugal and involved in church planting and mission. From the very beginning, Mike and Jessica developed a children's club and then a youth work. Over the years, Jessica has produced countless plays.

Spanish: Meet Heidi!

Heidi V. is one of our Christian sisters living in Puerto Rico. She was translating the Sunday School Center lessons for Mother's Day into Spanish for her teachers there and wondered if we would put the translations on the website, so that others could use them.

Our answer... ABSOLUTELY!

In addition to the Mother's Day lessons, she has also translated a Christmas skit called "A Christmas to Believe In! (Spanish)" as well.

Here is a note to all of us from Heidi:

Hello, my name is Heidi. All I want in life, is to live for God and somehow, someway, spread the Gospel as He has ordained us to do. As each day passes, my love for God grows more and more.

Truly His Word says, "Come, and listen, all those who fear God. Let me tell you what the Lord has done for me." Psalm 66:16

He has done so much for me.

– Heidi V. (Puerto Rico)

Brazilian Portuguese:

Thanks to members of the youth group from Igreja Batista Reviver in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for translating the skit "Cover to Cover" into Brazilian Portuguese. They used the skit in open air outreach ministry.

Click here to see "de Capa a Capa"

Urdu Translators:

Our brothers and sisters in Christ, who live in some countries, are often "hard pressed" as the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 4:8. My special thanks to our Christian brothers and sisters, who have translated the Preschool Bible Lessons into Urdu.

Although we may not mention the names of these translators here, God knows them all. We ask only that He will reward them eternally in Heaven for their work here.

On a personal note...

My deepest thanks to all of the translators who have helped further the Kingdom of Heaven by sharing their translated versions of these materials. We will not know until we are all together in Heaven the impact that these efforts have made.

God Bless You,

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